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Gravenstein Apples

The first apples of the season.  They usually ripen in early August. This is an Old Fashioned apple that was first discovered in Denmark in the 1700's.  It hasn't changed since then.  This apple is tart and crunchy, it makes fabulous pies, and is a good addition to apple sauce. It is usually picked green because by the time it starts to get it's red stripes it softens and falls off of the tree.


Pacific Gala

A newer variety of the Gala apple.  Ripens a week earlier than our Royal Gala.  Usually ripens in mid August.  This variety of Gala is slightly more red than the Royal Gala and if you ask my husband he will tell you he thinks it has a slight cinnamon flavor to it.  Gala Apples are a favorite for making applesauce because they have more natural sugar and therefore require less added sugar.


Royal Gala Apple

This variety of the Gala apple is the one that was planted by my Dad in 1986.  Ripens a week later than our Pacific Gala.  Usually ripens in mid August.   This variety of Gala is yellow with a red blush on the Sunny Side.  Gala Apples are a favorite for making applesauce because they have more natural sugar and therefore require less added sugar.


Honey Crisp Apple

One of the most popular apples on the market, Honey Crisp is a hot seller for us.  This apple is juicy tart and sweet all at the same time.  It usually Ripens in early September.  We post the opening of U-Pick Season and it is a run for the roses to get them,(Translation; Get here Quickly or they will be gone.)  Honey Crisp Apples are usually eaten fresh but I know some people who like them for baking.


Old Fashioned Red Delicious

This is the primary apple planted by my Dad in 1986.  Back then it was the most popular apple in America.  It is bright red, juicy and crunchy.  Yes, I said crunchy.  They only get mealy in long term storage.  We use this apple as the main apple in our delicious Raw Apple Cider.  Red delicious are good for eating, juicing and dehydrating.  We do not recommend them for baking.  They usually ripen in early to mid September.


Golden Delicious Apple

Golden delicious has to be the best all around apple we grow.  It is sweet and tart to eat fresh as well as being one of the best apples for apple pie and applesauce.  They are usually big and deep yellow.  They will usually ripen in Early September.


Jonathan Apple

The Quintessential Sour Pie Apple.  This is the one your Great Grandmother would have used for pie.  Personally I just like to eat them, too.  This apple is dark red, very round and usually ripens in early to mid September.  It is a must (even if you mix it with sweet apples) in your apple pie or apple sauce.


Jonagold Apple

This is a cross breed of the sweet tart Golden Delicious and the tart Jonathan apple.  The best of both worlds.  It is an all around fabulous apple for fresh eating, for baking and applesauce.  It has the size of the Golden Delicious with the deep red blush of the Johnathan.  It will usually ripen in early to mid September.


MacIntosh Apple

This old time favorite from the east coast is deep red, very round and sweet and tart at the same time.  It is favored for making pies but is also good for fresh eating.  It will not last long in storage but is fabulous while it lasts.  MacIntosh will usually ripen in Mid September.


Winesap Apple

This apple is also an East Coast favorite.  While it is good for fresh eating and baking it is prized for cider making.  It has a high tannin level which is sought after by the hard cider brewers. Winesap apples usually ripen in Mid September.


Braeburn Apple

The Braeburn apple is a firm tart apple that will hold for a ling time in storage.  It remains crunchy for a long time after picking.  It has a sweet and tart flavor.  It usually ripens in late September.


Criterion Apple

The Criterion Apple was supposed to be the new popular apple in the 1980's.(what Fugi is now)  It's downfall was that it has such a delicate skin that it could not stand up to commercial shipping.  This big beautiful yellow blush apple was called a table apple because it was so beautiful.  It's flavor is wonderful.  It is good all around for eating and baking.  Due to it's poor shipping qualities most orchards pulled their trees and started over, or made cider with them.  My Dad saved his trees and we still have them today.  You have to try them, you will like them!!  Criterion usually ripen in early October.

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