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Raw Apple Cider

2012 saw a new product for Cabalo's Orchard; Raw Apple Cider!  It all started in 2011 when Chan saw a Cider Pressing Video on U-Tube and it was posted from right here in Kuna, Idaho.  He proceeded to contact the people who made it and we set up a public demonstration at the Kuna Farmers Market in August.  We pressed cider from Royal Gala apples and gave it away to everyone at the market.  What a great day!!  We had such a great day that we decided to do it again at our farm.  That is when we first looked into selling our cider.

For the next 4 years we pressed Cider in a partnership with this family. 

2016 we went without Cider. 

In 2017 we purchased our own beautiful New Cider Press. 

We have worked with Central district health to get the licensing and permits required to sell raw cider. That's right "RAW CIDER."  We grow our apples using organic practices and the last thing we wanted to do with our cider is cook all the natural benefits out of it with pasteurization.  Because we choose to keep our cider raw it can only be sold by us or our emissaries direct to the consumer.  This means that No one can sell it for us.

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