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Cathy’s family planted this orchard in 1986.  In 2004 Chan and Cathy took over operation of the orchard and transitioned to organic practices.  Every year we try new ideas and products.  Some of them are successful and some are not.  Each new season is a new lesson in life on the farm.

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All of the fruit grown at Cabalo's Orchard is grown using organic practices.  That means that we use only Organic Certified pest control, fertilization and weed control products.  We made a choice to not certify our products as organic.  Our fruit is safe to eat right off the tree.  Some of our fruit is available for u-pick.  For a list of what is available today please check the "Update Section" on the Home Page or sign up for our weekly news letter.



All of the vegetables grown at Cabalo's Orchard are grown using organic practices. That means that we use only Organic Certified pest control, fertilization and weed control products. We made a choice to not certify our products as organic.  Fruit is our primary crop so our vegtable selection is limited but the vegetables we carry are delicious.


Raw Apple Cider

Since 2012 Cabalo's Orchard has been pressing Raw Apple Cider!  That's right "RAW CIDER."  We grow our apples using organic practices and the last thing we wanted to do with our cider is cook all the natural benefits out of it with pasteurization.  Because we choose to keep our cider raw it can only be sold by us or our emissaries and only direct to the consumer.  This means that No One can sell it for us.


Free Range Thanksgiving Turkeys

We offer you the best quality Thanksgiving turkey to be found in the Treasure Valley.  We raise them all naturally in our orchard.   They are fed locally grown NON-GMO feed.  A blend of wheat, corn, barley and alfalfa and other grains raised by our partners, Vogel Farms of Kuna.

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Value Added Products

In co-operation with Vogel Farms and Miss Darcy's Bake Shop we offer products made from the produce that we sell here on the farm.  This includes Just Jams, a full line of Jams and Jellies.  Harvest Gold, a variety of sauces and condiments and a perfectly pickled line of cucumbers. And other surprises!!

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Raw Local Honey

We have bees from Cox's Honey here on our Farm.  They allow us to share the pollinators experience with our field trip kids as well as sell their honey in our store.  We also offer honey and fresh honey comb from Idaho Pure Honey out of Marsing.

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Pumpkin Patch

During the month of October we open our Pumpkin Patch for u-pick.  We have a hayride to and from to the patch. We have never charged anyone for the hayride and we never plan to. Sometimes you can find decorative gourds in the patch. There are many varieties of our pumpkins that are edible as well as decorative.  We have recipes for roasting Pumpkin Seeds and making Old Fashioned Pumpkin Pie available at the farm stand.

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Several years ago Deb Vogel and I grew some popcorn just for fun.  It was delicious.  It also was a great novelty for our customers.  The next year we grew a bit more and toyed with bagging a bit of it.
As you might have guessed it turned out to be very popular. It is harvested late in the fall after it is dried, we remove it from the cob and making our blends.  The new crop is usually ready by January.
We also found that selling our popcorn still on the cob is a very popular novelty item.

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