Pickling Cucumbers

Every Year we grow a large quantity of pickling cucumbers. What makes a Pickling Cucumber Special?  This special variety is firmer than the regular slicing variety and has an thinner skin.  They are usually less bitter and many of our customers love them for eating fresh. 

Our first pick is usually during late July. Labor crews have been nearly impossible to find so starting in 2020 we started picking only twice a week on Monday and Thursday mornings. With U-Pick opportunities available on Saturday Morning from 7:00 until noon.  It is not good for the cucumbers or the plants (Or for people either) to pick in the heat of the day so no picking will be allowed after 12:00.  This seemed to work well so we are doing the same thing in 2021.

We take special orders starting sometime each spring.  You will be asked, what date, how many and what size you would like.  We have designated the following sizes:

Gherkins - 2-3 inches long and approximately 1/2 inch in diameter

Small Dills - 3-4 inches long and approximately 3/4 inch in diameter

Bread and Butter - 5-6 inches and approximately 1 inch on diameter

Extra large -  anything bigger than a Bread and Butter

Orders are usually available for pick up by 12:00.  Occasionally we have extra cucumbers that have not yet been spoken for.  If you have interest in the extra that are available each day you can sign up for our e-mail list.  As soon as I have finished sorting and packing our existing orders I will send an email with a count of any remaining available cucumbers.  These will be available on a first come first serve basis.